1.5.6 inch larger LCD dispaly

2.Individual battery recharger for option

3.192-frame cineloop

4. Two USB ports/SD card

5. General software, Obstetrics software and Cardiac software.

6. probessional Veterinary software for optional

Detailed Product Description

1. Light weight of 0.5 kg, very convenient to carry out.

2. Crystal clear with high resolution image display

3. Dismountable battery which can work more than 3 hours.

4. 192 frames of cine-memory and 1024 images permanent storage.

5. Realized read-write function through USB connection and SD connection

6. Professional software: General software, Obstetrics software, Cardiac software.

7. Video-out port, connect with computer, external monitor and HP printer directly

8. Supports the colored surface, the ultrasonic


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