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Why called  Pixiu (Brave troops ) series patient monitor? 


Pixiu (Brave troops ) is a kind of psychic beast in ancient Chinese legends, it is ferocious and mighty. It is responsible for patrolling the heavens, preventing demons, ghosts, and plagues to disturb the heavens. Pixiu (Brave troops) is considered a lucky beast to turns disaster into auspiciousness. People believe it can bring joy and good luck.


Our SunBright company launched the Pixiu  (Brave troops )series patient monitor machine. Hope people all over the world will be far away from disease and pain. Also hope that the patients who use our Pixiu  (Brave troops ) series patient monitor will take a turn for the better and be out of danger, and return to health finally.

Pixiu (Brave troops ) Photo: 


Pixiu (Brave troops ) Series patient monitor : 


Small Pixiu (12.1 INCH SUN-603S): 

Large Pixiu (15 INCH SUN-700S):

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