Veterinary Equipment



Application: Suitable for diagnosis on swine, equines, bovines, sheep, cats and dogs and other animals.

General Specifications
The device adopts technologies such as microcomputer control and digital scanning converter (DSC), large dynamic broadband low-noise preamplifier, logarithmic compression, dynamic filtration, edge enhancement etc to ensure legible, stable and high resolution images.

Four display modes: B, B+B, B+M, M;
Image gray scale: 256 levels.
It can realize image real time display, frozen, zoom; remark case history number, age, sex;
measuring distance, circumference, area, heart rate and gestation age;

Combined power supply mode of AC adapter and built-in Li-ion chargeable battery, the specialized brownout mode enabling more lasting battery operation. 5.6 inches TFT-LCD display, programmable device (FPGA) and surface mounted technology (SMT) make this device compact and light in weight.

PAL-D video output with mouse mouthpiece. Jet molding enclosure with hand-held structure makes it convenient for outside diagnoses.

The device consists of mainframe, probe and adapter.
3.5MHz waterproof mechanical sector scanning probe is the standard configuration. 

Technical Specification

   Probe 3.5 MHz Mechanical sector
Displayed Depth (mm) 60-190
Maximal detect depth (mm) ≥140
Lateral ≤4( depth ≤80)  ≤5( 8≤depth ≤130)
Axial ≤2( depth ≤80)
Blind area (mm) ≤8
 position Precision (%)
Horizontal ≤20
Vertical ≤10
Monitor size(inch) 5.6 TFT-LCD
Display modes B, B+B, B+M, M
Gray scales 256 levels
Image multiplying factor *1.0,*1.2,*1.5,*2.0
Image storage 128-frame
Measuring functions Distance, circumference, area, heart rate, gestation age
Battery capacity 2200mAh
Mainframe power   13W at non-charging operation / 25W at charging operation
Adapter power consumption   45W
Character display   case history number, age
Faked color display   Gray, red, yellow, blue



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