Pulse Oximeter

 Sun-50P Fingertip Pulse Oximeter blood oxygen SPO2 Monitor oxymeter              



Two color OLED display, 6 display modes;

Parameters: SPO2, PR ,PI, ODI

Automatically standby or sleep.

Sleep monitoring and analysis function

Data record and data analysis function 



Two color OLED display, 6 display modes;


Parameters: SPO2, PR ,PI, ODI


Low-power consumption,continuously four direction adjustable;


Low voltage indicator;


Alarm voice adjustable;



Up to 8 hours Data Record 


Data Review


Automatically standby or sleep.


Sleep monitoring and analysis function



 - Display: OLED display


- SpO2


      Measurement range: 70~100%

      Resolution: ±1%

      Accuracy: ±2% (70%~99%), unspecified (<70%)


- Pulse rate

      Measurement range: 30~250 bpm

      Accuracy: ±1bpm


- Perfusion Index  ( PI)

      Measurement range: 0~30% 

      Accuracy: ±1% (0%~20%), unspecified (>20%)


- Data Record  Hour: up to 8 hours


- Power:1.5V (AAA size) alkaline battery x 2


- Working current: ≤30mA


- Automatic power-of: Automatically power off when no signal in the oximeter for more than 16 seconds


- Environmental Sepecification


      Operating Temperature:5-40 degrees ;


      Storage/Transportation Temperature:-10 to 40 degrees Celcius;


      Ambient Humidity:15-80% on operation;

                   10%-80% in storage


- Declaration:EMC of this product complies with IEC60601-1-2 standard






Operation Instructions:  


1.   Install two AAA batteries into battery cassette before covering its cover.


2.   Plug one finger into rubber hole of the Oximeter (it is best to plug the finger thoroughly) before releasing the clamp with the nail upwards.


3.   Press button on the front panel;


4.   Donot tremble your finger when the Oximeter is working. Your body is not recommended on moving status.


5.   Press the button on the front panel, if we want change display direction;


6.   Read relevant datum from display screen.


7.   If there is no signal input, oximeter can shut off automatically;


8.   Please replace new batteries when OLED indicates the batteries are in low power.



Standard Configuration: 


1. Pulse oximeter

2. Lanyard


3. Manual


4. English User Manual




This Fingertip Pulse Oximeter is a kind of innovated medical device with non-


invasive and continuous features for artery SPO2 and PR detection. Being portable,


it is able to measure SPO2 and PR values quickly and precisely.



Operation Scope: 


The fingertip Oximeter can be used to measure human haemoglobin saturation and


heart rate through finger. The product applies to using in family, hospital (including


clinical use in internist/surgery, anaesthesia, paediatrics, intensive care, etc.), oxygen


club, social medical organizations, physical care in sports (It can be used before or


after sports. Operation in sport procedure is not recommended). It is also applicable


to enthusiasts on mountaineering, patients (convalescents at home or those need


first aid treatment), elders over 60, those work more than 12 hours, sporters and


those work in the hermetic circumstance, etc. The product is not suitable to monitor


patient continuously.

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