Medical Pump



Dimensions (mm)



about 2.15Kg

Power supply

AC 90V~AC 242V, 50HZ

Built-in battery

DC 12V 1800mAh

Battery Model


Battery Continuous Use Time

Above 6hrs

Power consumption


Infusion Flow Selection

0.1ml/h~1200ml/h(6~150d/min), original value is 0.1ml/h (1d/min)

Infusion Range

0.1ml~9999.9ml,original value is 0.1ml

Flow Rate Precision

volume mode ±5%,drop mode  ±2d

Occlusion pressure level

High:110kPa±20kPa (825mmHg±150mmHg) 

Middle:80kPa±30kPa  (600mmHg±225mmHg) 

Low:60kPa±20kPa  (450mmHg±150 mmHg)

Use Environment

Temperature 5~43

Relative Humidity 90%RH (Under without condensation status)

Atmospheric Pressure 860hPa~1060hPa

Storage Environment

Temperature -40~+55

Relative Humidity 95%RH (Under without condensation status)

Atmospheric Pressure 860hPa~1060hPa

Waterproof Level

IPX1 (drip-proof)

Electric Shock Protection

Class I, Type BF


occlusion, finish, low battery, standby (no 

operation), air in line, door open, AC power 





Special Functions

Keep-Vein-Open (KVO)

After finishing predetermined infusion volume, to prevent the 

formation of thrombus, will continue infusion with agreed 

minimum rate (3ml/h or 1ml/h).

Power Supply Switching 


When the AC power supply is off, it can be automatically 
switched to built in battery power supply and prompt at the same time. When AC is switched on, automatically converted back to AC supply.

Repeat Alarm Function

After the operator presses the “SILENCE” key, if the reason 

causing the alarm has been untreated for 2 minutes, the 

alarm will sound again to alert the operator to solve the 


Data Memory Function

Save the last setting of sound volume level, flow precision fine 

tuning level and occlusion pressure level, as well as the clock, 

to prepare for the next use. The longest memory time is 5 


High Flow Safety Confirm

In order to ensure infusion safety, when the flow rate is 

greater than or equal to 300ml/h (or equivalent), the device 

will prompt user to confirm again, and will not carry out 

infusion before confirmation.


For convenience, when installing or removing IV set at night 

or in darkness, light will automatically turn on after the door 

is open. The light is an LED light source (white).

Battery Protection Alarm

In order to protect the battery and ensure infusion safety, there are different levels of acousto optic prompts when the electric quantity of the battery is changing from 
close to depletion to almost depleted.

Bubble Alarm

A continuously large number of bubbles going into the human 

body can form the air embolus, and it is life-threatening. So 

when bubble length is 3mm (10.6ul) or accumulated bubble 

length is 3mm (10.6ul) is detected, will trigger acoustic-optic 


Drip Sensor Slope

In d/min mode, when there are problems such as tube slope, 

liquid overflow and misplaced/moved sensor, there will be an 





SUN-901 Infusion Pump's Advantages

1. Available all brand of the standards IV sets, the pump has 120 levels adjustment to keep high precision.

2. Power Switching Function:When AC power is disconnected, automatically switch into battery power supply and give indication. When the AC power is connected, automatically

switch into AC power working.

3. Piezometry Method: Adopts advanced lateral pressure pipe technology, avoid the door be out of shape effect occlusion pressure measured value.

4. Fluid Control Way: Adopts original flow suppresser lock technology, convenient to install IV pipe in single hand.

5. Data Memory Function: Able to save the latest setting alarm volume, flow precision fine level, 

occlusion pressure levels and clock, for use next time. Be able to save 5 years.

6. Anti-reverse function on motor to avoid upstream, make safer for patient during infusion.
7. Alarm Volume: Three levels adjustable, to suit for different hearing people.
8. Three levels occlusion pressure adjustment.
9. The accurate ultrasonic bubble detector detects the bubble intelligent, safe and reliable.
10 Double confirmation function when flow rate≥300ml/h, make safer and avoid misoperation.
11. When the pipe broken, the medicine liquid will not into the pump.
12. Auto-lock control panel during infusion, to avoid misoperation.
13. The bright & large LCD screen could be clear seen far from 10 meters.
14. The transparent window in door could see infuse status.
15. The light in the side of the door is convenient to operate in the night.
16. Real-time display infused volume.

17. KVO (Keep Vein Open):After finish setting infusion amount, for prevent to form thrombus, keep to infusion at the lowest rate 0.3ml/h or 0.1ml/h.

18. Bolus (Quick Infuse) function
19. Purge (Evacuate Bubble) function
20. History Record:Be able to save 1000 pcs
21. Suit for large range voltage up and down.

22 Adopts imported main spare parts: Japan Toshiba driver module, USA ATMEL and Japan NEC chip, good anti-interference function.

23. The chip in syringe pump is be processed by ourselves on SMT machine production line instead of by manual work, as weld every point by hand.


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